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Cupcakes have been the in thing for a wedding for a while. Have you wondered why it ever became a craze? Well perhaps it would...
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      Preparation Write your thoughts down in bullet points Sit and expand the speech Length – 3 to 5 minutes Show to a friend/family and get feedback Practice in front...
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      Have a list of final price agreements with wedding service providers Have list of things that need returning once wedding is over Bride should wear mascara –...
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  So you are going to have a GREEN themed wedding? It will look cooling and cheery. And what’s more you can get the ‘natural’ look...
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Do it Yourself and Save Controlling your wedding budget is important with price hikes all around.  Why not do a few things yourself, or with...
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  Dear Mother-of-the-Bride, Depending on how close you are to your daughter, there are a few things that you can do as Mother-of-the-Bride. Here they are: • Help...
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‘Who needs advice on choosing shoes’ you may ask! We wear shoes everyday!!! And by the time it comes to your wedding, you do have...
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Your wedding reception In planning your wedding reception selecting the reception venue is the first thing you should do. Budget Keep your wedding reception hall budget in mind...
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Wedding favours are gifts that you give your wedding guests, on the day of the wedding. It is a simple and friendly way of saying...
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The exciting time of the wedding approaches when friends and family throw confetti at the couple as they leave the venue following the wedding celebrations. Confetti...
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Bride’s skin care & makeup countdown 12 months to go Drink plenty of water. Replenish what you loose… it will make your skin supple, help detoxify...
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The Wedded couple The bride and groom should be seated so that the guests could see them from where they are seated. The couple may...
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      Sometimes a bride or a groom may get nervous about the wedding when the special day arrives. They may wonder if they are doing the...
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Sometimes the proud and beaming father of the bride is invited to say a few words on his daughter’s special day – her wedding. Bride...
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Guideline to deciding on a Wedding Cake Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes due to preference in type, shape, colour and budget.  Here are...
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Importance of getting a Pedicure Feet First! Well that is how you would walk! The bride will be the center of attention on her wedding day...
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  Controlling your wedding budget is important with price hikes all around.  Why not do a few things yourself, or with your family members and friends....
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