Controlling your wedding budget is important with price hikes all around. Why not do a few things yourself, or with your family members and friends. You could save a few rupees! Would you like to borrow a lot from your parents? What about that pension plan, best not touch it! Savings can be left to buy a house!
So how can you do things yourself for your very own wedding?

Think about the wedding favors or the wedding cakes. Packing them yourself together with some friends using material you’ve bought from the shops would prove handy.

If the wedding guest number is small…. you can do your wedding invitations cards yourself. Just a bit of thinking and creativity, your handwork can be posted to guests with pride.

If the wedding is a small reception, why not do the décor yourself? Balloons and a few flowers, together with crepe and ribbons, your family and friends can enjoy doing up the place!

The wedding is your first event. There will be so many more events together, it would be fun and at times if its just the two of you, romantic. If you are tight for money, think about where you can save. And think of creative ways to do things together, saving more for a rainy day.

Tip 1: In doing things yourself: choose quality material. It sure makes a difference.

Tip 2: Don’t leave’ Do it yourself’ stuff till the last minute. Plan ahead and allocate.